Improving the Entrance To Your Home

When it gets to the stage of need a new driveway or patio installation, you have multiple choices to make. The first choice is what type of driveway you would like installed and how it will look. The other main decision is who you should hire to lay your new driveway or patio area especially if they are using block paving.

Regardless of what was there before, you need to ensure a solid base for your driveway. This means removing the existing surface and leaving enough space for at least 4 inches of base for the area.

Driveways are not just an aesthetic addition to any home. They provide an important function. They have to allow cars or vehicles to park on them without any damage and they need to be designed to allow ease of access both on and off of them. If you already have a driveway and are looking to just replace it, the decision is more of how you would like your new driveway to look.

If its a brand new driveway since you are replacing your garden or lawn at the front of your house, design choices will have an impact. For example, do you need a new dropped kerb to allow ease of access? Do you need planning permission to comply with SUDS regulations? A good quality driveway contractor can help you solve these problems and provide you with multiple choices on the overall finished look.

When it comes to the actual finish of your driveway, you have multiple choices. You can choose a very traditional tarmac or asphalt driveway, a concrete driveway, a resin bonded driveway or a block paved driveway installation. The most popular option out of these is block paving. The reason is simple.

The laying of concrete block paving should always begin from the bottom of any slope, preferably starting from a right angle or a straight edge. Working from several packs at a time is essential when using a mixed size product such as cobble styled paving blocks.

Firstly maintenance is very easy with block paving. Once a year you can wash down the driveway and top back up the joints with kiln dried sand. That’s the entire maintenance requirements for block paving.

Always try to find the team for the job. Visit a recommended contractor such as: