Driving Cork

Driving cork and cork car hire information available here. Cork travel by road couldn’t be easier for your cork map see below.

Relax! Even without the assistance of Sat-Nav, Cork is an easy city for the newly-arrived visitor to navigate. There are still a few one-way streets here and there in the city, but the lay-out is simple and intuitive.

Whether you’re here on a city break or visiting the countryside for a few days car hire is available from the city centre, and the airport, with all the big international car hire names as well as some local companies offering competitive deals.

Once you’re mobile, the next question is: Where can I park?

Don’t worry, it’s not a problem. Car parks are plentiful and a Parking Disk / Park by Phone system operates on the city streets – you just enter the date and time on your disc and display it on the dashboard.

You can buy the disks in shops all over the city displaying the Parking Disk sign.