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Driving Cork

Driving cork and cork car hire information available here. Cork travel by road couldn’t be easier for your cork map see below. Relax! Even without the assistance of Sat-Nav, Cork is an easy city for the newly-arrived visitor to navigate. There are still a few one-way streets here and there in the city, but the […]

Bike Cork

Cycling Around Cork There’s no healthier, more Eco-friendly or more pleasant way to see the sights of Cork – though some of the northside’s hills are not for the faint-hearted! There are already a number of cycle lanes in the city and suburbs – popular with students and tourists alike – and the transport authorities […]

Walk Cork

Walk Cork Walk cork, cork walks and cork walking ireland information available here. Visit cork ireland on foot for a unique view of the sights of county cork. Cork City’s many pedestrianised thoroughfares and shopping arcades make it an ideal city to see on foot. And the stunning scenery of West Cork’s rugged coastline and […]